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Trademark Application:
- Trademark Application in Dominican Republic.

- Trademark Search in Dominican Republic.

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Patent Application:
- Patent Application in Dominican Republic.
- Oppositions, nullities, or cancellation of patent registration.


........................ Patent and Trademark Application.

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                        Patent and Trademark Application in Dominican Republic.


IN TRADEMARK APPLICATION AND PATENT APPLICATION IN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC WE ARE LAWYERS AND CONSULTANTS. is a is a legal firm based on the efficient combination of knowledge and experience of skillful lawyers and engineers to offer our clients an integral service in intellectual and industrial property and technology transfer. In our action area we are devoted to: trademark and patent application, PCT patent national stage and copyright in the Dominican Republic, sanitary register, vegetable obtaining, domain names, franchising, licenses of trademarks and patents, unfair competition and litigations; together to consultancy services that allow us to offer services totally designed to the measure of the necessities of our clients.

In present times is inconceivable that a modern company do not worry about protecting their intellectual rights.Intellectual property refers to creations of the mind: inventions, literary and artistic works, and symbols, names, images, and designs used in commerce. An appropriate strategy for the protection of intellectual creations and within those regarding the trademarks and patents applications can mean the difference between success and failure for any company regardless of size or sector in which operates. In the modern business circles today is accepted as an undeniable fact that intellectual property rights are one of the most important assets that a company possesses in the difficult struggle for the market.

Possessing human resources with a high level of expertise in the field of Intellectual Property makes us the ideal partner to protect your intellectual creations.

Our firm has acquired an optimum level of professionalism, which allows us to cover a wide range of services in the Intellectual Property area. At concentrate exclusively on the registration of trademarks and patents national and international has enabled us to meet our main purpose professional, provide on the basis of a close relationship with our customers a unique service characterized by a high level of expertise, speed and effectiveness that meets the most demanding expectations. A professional service customized in each case as well as an advisory service complete and detailed, each and every one of the issues of intellectual property that we are requested to us, is our contribution to the growth of your company.

Diseño Industrial República Dominicana

Industrial Design:
- Industrial Design Application in Dominican Republic.

Derecho de Autor República Dominicana

Copy Rights:
- CopyRight Registration in Dominican Republic.

Consultorías República Dominicana

- Consultancies in transfers of technologies.

- Writing of Patent.

- Patent information.

Patent and Trademark Application.
We offer you services of quality whit competitive rates and as if it was little you can welcome to our plan of:

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