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Intellectual Property Consultancies in Dominican Republic:




- Patents Information.

- Writing texts of Patents.

- Consultancies in Transferences of Technologies.

- Franchising in Dominican Republic.

- Audits of Trademarks.



- Analysis of the state of the technology.

- Search of patents information.

- Technological surveillance.

- Elaboration of technological profiles.


- ANALYSIS OF THE STATE OF THE TECHNOLOGY: Service that allows to evaluate the state of the art of a certain technological sector, facilitating the taking of decisions in the development of investigations or in the stage of commercialization of the products or technologies. It is directed to offer an evolution of the state of the technique before beginning the investigation or when you arrive to a result in an unexpected way and this it is sought to locate as a product to market in the market. Also, when allowing to know the evolutionary tendencies of the patents, innovative signatures, regular of patents, receiving countries of the patents, markets of interest for the holders of the rights of the patented technologies, it constitutes a tool of great importance for the transfers of technologies, the business with foreign companies where patented technologies are transferred and for the development of innovation activities in the companies starting from the patents of certain technological sector.


- SEARCH OF INFORMATION OF PATENTS: This service offers the patents summaries of a certain technological sector. With the employment of a software specially designed for this activity, the International Classification of Patents, an appropriate selection of key words and the use of databases of patents, the search strategy is traced that allows to obtain the excellent documents of the specific sector.


- TECHNOLOGICAL SURVEILLANCE: This type of service is carried out preferably in the stages in those that have already been defined the lines of I+D or the commercialization strategies in a sector. It consists fundamentally on the surveillance of the environment, having as main source of information the patents databases, to already adjust the strategies traced to new demands and the appearance of new potential competitors. This service is very effective in the definition of commercialization strategies and especially when exclusive rights exist abroad. It is indispensable also in the moment to select the possible partners to associate in the development of certain line or in the definition of possible offerers of technologies.


- ELABORATION OF TECHNOLOGICAL PROFILES:The information contained in the patents documents is characterized by its accessibility and present time, besides being one of the most complete, governable and practical sources of information. This documentation is divided according to the International Classification of Patents (CIP). The same one constitutes an instrument that allows to order the documents of patents methodically with the purpose of facilitating the access to the technological and artificial information contained in them, it means a means of selective diffusion of information then to all the users of the information as regards patents, facilitates the preparation of statistical of industrial property and favors the search of the technique state in certain technological sectors; it is favorable the analysis of the evolution of the technological development in diverse sectors. If has identified certain competitor, a possible technology offerer or of a possible commercial partner with the one that is sought to develop some negotiation, by means of the characterization of this signature through the analysis of the CIP where it possesses patents, it is possible then to know the true technological competitions of the organization that it is by means of the elaboration of the technological profile of this company.



- Preparation of the summary, description, drawings and claims of patents.

- Preparation of patent application in Dominican Republic.

- Modifications of patents claims.


- PREPARATION OF THE SUMMARY, DESCRIPTION, DRAWINGS AND PATENTS CLAIMS:For the protection of an invention for the invention patents modality, the inventor will fulfill a group of form requirements and of bottom that should be incorporated in the document of the patent. We possess a group of lawyers and engineers with wide experience in the preparation of patents documents. In the document of the patent the applicant makes the first defense of the positive requirements of patentability, that is: world novelty, inventive activity and industrial applicability, of there the importance of an appropriate writing of the patent, the reach of protection are defined in the claims.


- PREPARATION OF THE APPLICATION OF REGISTRATION OF A PATENT:We advise the applicant in the preparation of the documentation for the patent application.


- MODIFICATIONS OF PATENTS CLAIMS:We advise in the best way in writing of the patents claims for achieve a bigger reach in the rights protection.



- Localization of possible technology licenciantes.

- Localization of possible technology licenciatarios.

- Search of available technologies in a certain field.

- Technical and legal attendance for the technology negotiation.

- Technical analysis for the technology appropriation and to make be worth the rights of patents.

- Elaboration y/o revision of contracts of technology transfer.

- Licenses of Know-how and industrial secrets.

- Licenses of Trademarks and Patents in Domican Republic.


- LOCALIZATION OF POSSIBLE TECHNOLOGY LICENCIANTES:We take charge of looking for holder of technologies that satisfy the technological demands so that you can reach an agreement that satisfies the managerial expectations.


- SEARCH OF AVAILABLE TECHNOLOGIES IN A CERTAIN FIELD:We put all the technologies developed in the technological sector of your interest at your disposal.


- TECHNICAL AND LEGAL ATTENDANCE FOR THE TECHNOLOGY NEGOTIATION:We advise you in the whole technical and legal aspects that allow you to carry out satisfactory transactions in the field of the transfer of technologies.


- ELABORATION AND/OR REVISION OF CONTRACTS OF TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER:We elaborate and/or we revise contracts where technologies are transferred so that the interests and rights of our clients' intellectual property are respected.



- Advice in the franchising constitution.

- Writing of franchising agreements.

- Supervision of the execution of the franchising agreements.

- Legal representation in the controversies solution for non execution of franchising contracts. In the mark of the development of franchising we advise in the constitution, writing of agreements, supervision of the execution of the agreements, and legal representation in the solution of controversies for non execution of franchising contracts.



- Rising of the protection state of trademarks of your company.

- Amplification of the reach of trademark protection.

- Care and surveillance of the trademarks of a company.

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