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Patents Applications, Utility Models and Integrated Circuits in Dominican Republic:




- Presentation of patents applications in Dominican Republic.

- Applications of PCT patents in Dominican Republic.

- Answers of requirements or official actions.

- Inscription of contracts patents licenses in Dominican Republic.

- Presentation of patents modification.

- Payments of annuities for the maintenance of Patents Rights in Dominican Republic.

- Presentation of oppositions, nullities, expiration or cancellation of registrations and legal actions dedicated to pursue acts of unfair competition.




- PRESENTATION OF PATENTS APPLICATIONS IN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: The exclusive right of exploitation of a solution to a problem of the technique is obtained with its registration in the head office of the competent administrative authority. If is sought to be entitled exclusive of exploitation of an invention that confers us competitive advantages on the competition placing novel products in the market you should proceed with the registration. The administrative authority once examined the application will confer a patent of the invention in question for a period of twenty year starting from its presentation. Our team of lawyers has specialized in the presentation and total procedure of patents applications as an effective form of protection of the intellectual rights of our clients.


- INSCRIPTION OF CONTRACTS AND LICENSES OF PATENTS USE IN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: If your strategy of penetration of markets consists on allowing that third use your patents, will require of the inscription of this use license in the head office of the competent administrative authority so that provides legal effects before third. For it not alone we can advise you in the writing of the respective contract of license of you patents, also we take charge of urging to the administrative authority so that inscribes and recognize this use license.


- PAYMENTS OF ANNUITIES FOR THE MAINTENANCE OF THE PATENTS RIGHTS IN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: To maintain effective the exclusive rights of a patent take implicit the payment of annuities to the competent administrative authority. We take charge of carrying the payments corresponding to the validity of the patents that allow the enjoyment appropriately of the intellectual rights of our clients.


- PRESENTATION OF LEGAL RESOURCES:Defending the interests of our clients we has specialized in the presentation of oppositions, nullities, expiration or cancellation of registrations and legal actions dedicated to pursue acts of unfair competition that allow our clients an appropriate enjoyment of your rights of patents.




The procedure for the registration of a patent in Dominican Republic has the following steps:


1. PRESENTATION OF THE PATENTS APPLICATION BEFORE THE NATIONAL OFFICE OF INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY (ONAPI) AND PAY RATE OF MAINTENANCE OF THE FIRST ANNUITY: By means of this step begins the process of the registration, the documentation that should be presented consists on the petition, where should be appear reflected the title of the invention, the applicant's identification and the inventor and the representative's identification or manager. A description, the abstract, should be presented the claims, the plane or drawings, copy of the patent application if this was presented in the exterior, and the voucher of payment of the rate presentation, as well as of the first annuity.


2. PAY OF THE FIRST PATENT PUBLICATION OF THE APPLICATION:Once the National Office of Industrial Property (ONAPI) carries out the form exam to the application and checks that the same one fulfills the requirements demanded by the law, emits an official statement so that the payment of the application was made, leaving open the term for the presentation of observations the part of third interested.


3. APPLICATION OF EXAM OF THE PATENT IN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC:By means of this step is urged to the National Office of Industrial Property (ONAPI) to that carries out the exam of the positive requirements of patentability: world novelty, inventive activity and industrial applicability, all that which should be accompanied by the corresponding payment voucher.


4. PAY OF THE SECOND PATENT PUBLICATION OF THE APPLICATION: After the National Office of Industrial Property (ONAPI) carries out the exam of bottom of the patent, urges to that the payment of the patent concession.


5. EMISSION AND OBTAINING OF THE TITLE OF PATENTS IN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC:Once made the exam and if this is positive the National Office of Industrial Property (ONAPI) emits the respective title of property about the invention, which has 20 year-old of duration, counted starting from the application date.


6. PAYMENTS OF THE RATES OF MAINTENANCES IN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: During the 20 years of validity of the patent, the holder will make periodic payments for the maintenance of the validity of his rights; otherwise the expiration of the patent is declared and get lost the rights.




For the patent application in Dominican Republic, the following documents are needed:

1. Description, claims, abstract, drawings and description of the drawings.

2. Copy of the International Application.

3. Power of Attorney properly notarized and legalized in the Consulate of the Dominican Republic.

4. Letter of the inventors' surrender in the case of not coinciding the applicant's person with that of the inventor, legalized before the consulate of the the Dominican Republic.

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