To register your patent and trademark in Dominican Republic counts with us:

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Trademarks Applications in Dominican Republic:




- Searches of antecedents of trademarks.

- Applications of registration of trademarks in Dominican Republic.

- Maintenance and renewal of trademarks.

- Inscription of use licenses.

- Applications of trademarks modification.

- Presentation of oppositions, nullities, expiration or cancellation of registrations and legal actions dedicated to pursue acts of unfair competition.




- SEARCHES ANTECEDENTS OF TRADEMARKS IN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: When seeking the registration of a trademark is important to know if the sign that composes it belongs at a third that previously proceeded with its registration. With the realization of a search of antecedents you can know if the sign belongs at third or if is free to be registered and in any event to trace the strategy of more appropriate protection. Our team non alone makes the application of antecedent search in Dominican Republic also emits technical approaches about the protection strategy and viability of proceeding with the registration of the trademark.


- APPLICATIONS OF REGISTRATION OF MARKS IN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: The exclusive right of use of a trademark is obtained with its registration before the competent administrative authority, of there the importance of proceeding with its registration if we seek to be entitled exclusive of exploitation on a trademark that allows us to place in our market products and services, for this way to differentiate them of those that are devoted to the same managerial turn. Our team not alone takes charge of protecting your trademarks, also watching for not violated during all period of validity.


- APPLICATIONS OF RENEWAL OF TRADEMARKS IN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Once registered the trademark is enjoyed a period of ten year of exploitation. However once conquered this term can be renewed the registration of the trademark for successive periods of ten years. Of not being proceeded in the opportune moment to the application of renovation of the registration you would get lost the rights on the trademark and this could be adapted by the competition. Our lawyers are in charge of the opportune renovation of your rights of trademarks for you to enjoy them for an indefinite time.


- MAINTENANCE AND SURVEILLANCE OF TRADEMARKS IN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: The experience accumulated during years transforms us in the perfect ally in the protection of your trademarks. You alone requires to trust us your file of trademarks and we will take charge of avoiding that third seek to appropriate of your distinctive signs or try to register other similar signs that can confuse the consumer or to benefit of the image or reputation of your trademarks.


-INSCRIPTION OF CONTRACTS AND LICENSES OF TRADEMARKS USE IN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: If your strategy of penetration of markets consists on allowing that third use your trademarks, will require of the inscription of this use license in head office of the competent administrative authority so that provides legal effects before third. For it not alone we can advise you in the writing of the contract of license of your trademarks also we take charge of urging to the administrative authority so that inscribes and recognize this use license.


-PRESENTATION OF LEGAL RESOURCES ON TRADEMARKS IN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Defending the interests of our clients we has specialized in the presentation of oppositions, nullities, expiration or cancellation of registrations and legal actions dedicated to pursue acts of unfair competition that allow our clients an appropriate enjoyment of your rights of trademarks.



Our procedure for registration of trademarks in Dominican Republic have de following steps:


1. - STUDY OF FEASIBILITY OR SEARCH TRADEMARKS IN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. - We carry out a search of the trademark requested in the database of the National Office of Industrial Property (ONAPI), to verify if exist identical or similar trademarks registered in the Dominican Republic. With the results of this search we emit a report on the same and our professional approach in this respect.


2. - APPLICATION OR REGISTRATION OF TRADEMARKS IN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. - Of being satisfactory the search and the emitted study proceed to present the registration application before the National Office of Industrial Property (ONAPI) with the pertinent legal formalities: form of registration application with all the characteristics of the trademarks and Power of Attorney properly notarized and legalized in the Consulate of the Dominican Republic in your country.


3. PUBLICATION OF THE APPLICATION OF REGISTRATION: - Once carried out the form exam and of bottom the National Office of Industrial Property (ONAPI) it orders the publication of the application so that third interested present oppositions.


4. - EMISSION OF PROPERTY TITLE TRADEMARKS IN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. - Once the step follows its processes application (publication in the Gazette, publication of oppositions, registrability of the part of the National Office of Industrial Property (ONAPI) we are notified with the acceptance of the trademark and emission of respective title.

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